Tonsillitis Pictures

Sore Throat Infection

Chronic Tonsillitis Symptoms
Chronic Tonsillitis Symptoms

Treatment Tonsillitis Small
Pictures Of Tonsillitis Symptoms
Pictures Of Tonsillitis Symptoms

Tonsillitis Sore Throat Small
Severe Tonsillitis In Adults
Severe Tonsillitis In Adults

Tonsils And Adenoid Small

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Tonsillitis Throat Infection
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Tumuhamye Duncan says:    

Thanx alot. What type of antibiotics can one use? Thank you.

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umar kabir says:

Really many times i remove tonsil in side my mouse. but after few days another will take over, pls I want knw what am goin to do nd protect my self from this tonsil. bcos I cnt talk among the people.

Caleb says:

Is this tonsillitis?

Ruby Goddin says:

I have this 3 times all ready and it does not feel good/im 54 can i get my tonsilles out.They really bother me,THANK YOU AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY

Kajal Talukdar says:

at that time i am not able to toke becaouse of toncil

olivia harrison says:

i can tell its a boedy

Lynnette says:

My 8yr old has red dots on the back of his throat and it hurts when he swallows, he had it before and by the time we took him to the doctor it was gone. Now it's back again! What could it be? No fever this time yet but a slight one last time.


please help me am an adult aged 24 i have chronic tosolities there aree small but they keep on coming most of the time i have taken so many medication but nathing happen, theey keep on getting inflamed most of the time the inpact is bad makes me sick for two weeeks most of the time theey go and come back after two months. i dont no what to do but am tired of them. they dont get big but keep on getting inflamed. what can i do?

bwalya says:

Iam an adult and have severe tonsillitis.what options do I have?

Shaun says:

Sweet tonsillitis pic!

Sharon says:

Plagued with tonsils stones and tonslitis for years.had tonsils removed and haven' t had tonsillitis or a sore throat in 30 years

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